Small Adventures

I have many grand adventures to tell you about. I’ve been to a lot of interesting places recently, so I have a backlog of material on distant locales and crazy shenanigans to share. But before I tell you about any of those things, though, I want to tell you about today’s small adventure.

I love small adventures, though I can’t claim to have them very often. I suppose that’s what makes them adventures – doing something out of the ordinary. Well, out of my ordinary, I suppose I should say – things that I count as adventures may be everyday to some.

I had the day off today. There was nothing I particularly needed to do (well, nothing that couldn’t be put off until tomorrow) and no one for me to see. I could have easily spent all day at home, as I have done several times over the last few weeks, frankly. Instead, I decided to have an adventure. I hopped in the car, drove the 20 minutes or so from my house to Manly Beach (a tourist hotspot, understandably, but also one of my favourite places to go when I’m feeling cooped up at home) and had lunch, by myself, at a sushi train that I’d never been to before, hidden away in a somewhat dilapidated shopping complex (Sushi Bar Taka, in case you were interested – it was great).

I’d never been to a sushi train by myself before. In fact, to be honest, I’d never actually been to a sushi train at all until earlier this year. I feel I’ve more-or-less got the hang of the etiquette, but, being me, I’m always convinced I’ll find a way to embarrass myself. Fortunately I managed to avoid that today. I thoroughly enjoyed my sushi, crispy tempura, and succulent chicken skewer (especially that chicken skewer – I can still taste it…), then, having paid a very reasonable price for such a yummy meal, I went for a leisurely walk along the beachfront among the tourists, mums with their kids, retirees, and lunch-break exercisers who were its inhabitants this particular afternoon. Then I hopped back in my car and headed home. Adventurous? Maybe not, but adventurous enough.

A small adventure. Only an hour and a half had elapsed between leaving the house and getting back home again. Sometimes, especially on days off, the best adventures come in small packages.

Cover photograph: Manly Beach, Sydney – today’s glorious winter afternoon.


  1. wow.. you are among the so few people who are fortunate and strong enough who are able to feed their wanderlust..
    I am one who aspires to do so and you are definitely an inspiration.. ♡♡


    1. Thank you for your kind words, I’m so pleased you enjoy my writing! It’s amazing how much adventure and discovery can occur in your own backyard. While travel isn’t everything (there are other things in my life that I think are much more important), it certainly is fun and can really change how you see the world – so go for it, have a small adventure! 🙂 Anyone can do it, in my opinion. Have fun!


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