What is Travel Placebo?

Travel Placebo is a travel blog. Simple as that. It is a celebration of our world, and a celebration of the power of words and photographs to take us from our armchairs or computer desks out into that world, be it through our eyes or our mind’s eye.

Why does Travel Placebo exist?

Not all of us can can travel, and of those who can, not all can travel as much as they would like to. But all of us can dream. That is why Travel Placebo is here: to fuel your wanderlust, whether you’re able to act on it or not. Also so that Bec (as an aspiring travel writer) can get some practice writing about what she loves.

Who writes Travel Placebo?

Bec writes Travel Placebo from the comfort of her home in Sydney, Australia. She is a uni student studying linguistics and is fascinated by the power of language to shape who we are and how we view the world. She loves to travel and write about what she has seen, but, to be honest, enjoys most of her adventures from a particularly comfy reclining chair and a stack of travel magazines.

Welcome to Travel Placebo

The holiday you take when you’re not taking a holiday.


  1. Bec, I think your blog is such a great idea, When I couldn’t go some place that I’d wanted to go to, I would sometimes go to google maps, satellite. The I’d travel streets and see what they had to offer. Magazines are great too. I used to use National Geographic’s and Travel. Anyway, great idea you have there. Also I want to say thank you for choosing to follow me over at “The Attic.” And although I practice crazy and zany humor on unsuspecting visitors to “The Attic” you’ll be happy to hear that I don’t have any immediate plans for adding padded cells or straight jackets for any of my new followers. That probably won’t come for at least a few more weeks. Maybe months! But, sincerely, Bec, I’m delighted to have as a welcomed visitor to “My Cluttered Attic.” :@)


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