Using Your Noodle

I scheduled my first visit to the noodle markets for a Monday. The forecast predicted a thunderstorm, but the day began sunnily enough. By lunchtime, clouds had begun to gather, but coupled with the bright sunshine and the warmth of the day they failed to look remotely threatening.  (more…)

A Tale of Two Cities

Moscow & St Petersburg, Russian Federation

July 2013

st basils

The domes of St Basil’s Cathedral.

St Basil’s Cathedral stands as a monument to a peculiarly Russian type of excess: the interior plastered with gold-encrusted icons, the electric brilliance of the multicoloured roofs of its nine component churches, the sticky closeness of the endless horde of sweaty tourists – I had not expected Russia to be such a colourful place! I had also not expected Russia to reach temperatures of 30oC every day. I had not expected Lamborghinis in the streets, gold leaf by the bucketload, or a restaurant called ‘The Idiot’. Clearly Russia is a place that defies expectations.  (more…)