Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Grindelwald, Switzerland

December 2010

I will be upfront: I don’t like skiing. I find it painful and uncomfortable and I’m terrible at it. Someone once suggested that if I didn’t like skiing, maybe I should try snowboarding, but I felt my incoordination and general ineptitude at physical activity really ruled that out before I even got started. So, when one is spending a week in a Swiss skiing village with absolutely no intention of going either skiing or snowboarding, what do they do? Go tobogganing of course!  (more…)

Tasting Plate – My Top 5 Most Memorable Meals Overseas

I am one of those travellers who, at least in part, travels to please their stomach. When I write about my day’s adventures in my journal, the entry almost always starts with something along the lines of “This morning I had …… for breakfast”, ends with a detailed description of my dinner, and along the way is punctuated by notes on what I had for lunch and various snacks throughout the day. In honour of this obsession, and because of my conviction that you can tell a lot about a place by its food, I present to you the top five most memorable meals from my travels so far.  (more…)