How to Get Sick on Holiday and Still Have a Good Time

Grindelwald, Switzerland

December 2010

Being sick is the worst. I feel that I can make this statement from a position of some authority as I’m currently lying in bed with the blankets up to my chin, a throat that feels like I’ve been gargling broken glass and a voice that sounds like a cross between a frog and Darth Vader (I have laryngitis, if I haven’t made that clear). But if being sick during your everyday life is bad, how much worse, then, is it when you fall foul of the latest bacteria or virus when you’re on your precious and hard-won holiday? I must say it is rather terrible timing when this does happen, but, surprisingly, when it happened to me I did find one or two upsides to being sick whilst travelling. Contrary to my expectations, it wasn’t absolutely the end of the world.  (more…)