Keeping Secrets

I think Mary’s is supposed to be a secret. In order to get there, one must turn off King Street, Newtown’s main drag, bustling with people of all shapes and sizes, into a tiny, unlit alleyway. The door to Mary’s is about halfway down this alley, completely unmarked except for the presence of the bouncer standing in the doorway.


Brand New Barangaroo

The day of Barangaroo’s grand opening was grey with a light spitting of rain. Fortunately, a project on such a grand scale requires not just one day of grand opening, but an entire three-month ‘Welcome Celebration’, so a day’s worth of bad weather wasn’t the end of the world! (more…)

Merry Christmas from Borgnis Street


Santa decides to dress appropriately for the weather.

Australia’s December climate is not really the most Christmassy, in the traditional short-days-and-snow kind of way. Down here we know Christmas is coming when the days are getting longer, the pool is warm enough to swim in and the beach beckons! It’s easy to see, then, why some of the more Northern-Hemisphere-orientated Christmas traditions don’t work all that well in an Australian summer. Snowmen and mulled wine are definitely out, as are huge, hot meals, gathering around the fireplace and “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” (though my family persist in having a steaming hot pudding as the finale to Christmas lunch each year, even when the temperature’s pushing 30oC).  (more…)

Sisters Doing It For Themselves

Sydney is a big place. I’m not just saying that as someone who happens to live there and therefore thinks it’s their duty to tell everyone how important their hometown is. It’s actually big. The 34th largest city in the world, in fact, if you’re judging by land area (which may not seem that great, until you consider how many more than 34 cities there are in the world). Why am I telling you this? Because in the last year or so, I’ve gained a new appreciation of how large Sydney is, because my boyfriend lives at more-or-less the opposite end of it to me. It takes me an hour to drive from my house near the CBD to his near Campbelltown, in Sydney’s south-west (and longer if the traffic’s bad), and that isn’t even covering the whole city!  (more…)